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We can install ductless cooling units from leading manufacturers in the industry.

A traditional central air conditioning system relies on ductwork to move air throughout the space. But this isn’t the only system available to property owners. You may have heard the term “ductless” thrown around in the HVAC industry, and it refers to a type of cooling system that doesn’t need ducts to function. A ductless system, also known as a mini-split or mounted cooling system, delivers cooled air directly into the living space. Depending on the size and layout of a home, a single ductless unit may be sufficient to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Larger and multi-level homes often require multiple units for effective cooling.

Ductless in Lake Jackson, Texas

Ductless cooling units are ideal for home additions, structures that don’t have ductwork in place, and converted spaces, such as garages and attics. When you don’t want to invest in additional ductwork but do want to maintain better control over the indoor atmosphere, a ductless unit could be the perfect solution. At Frankum AC & Heating, LLC, we work with property owners located throughout the greater Lake Jackson, Texas area to provide a range of heating and cooling solutions. We can install ductless cooling units from leading manufacturers in the industry.

With years of experience in the HVAC world, we’re the team to trust for all your cooling and heating needs. We can make recommendations, perform repairs, install new and replacement equipment, and handle ongoing maintenance needs. Reach out to us to request additional information or schedule a consultation with one of our HVAC experts.

At Frankum AC & Heating, LLC, we offer ductless air conditioning and heating services in Lake Jackson, Brazoria, Angleton, West Columbia, Clute, Freeport, Sweeny, and Bay City, Texas.


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