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We have been providing excellent air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration services since 1968.

It was the early 1960s when our owner’s father, Norman Frankum, became interested in refrigeration. After recovering from a workplace injury and working to get certified in refrigeration and HVAC at the same time, he started Frankum AC & Heating, LLC in 1968. Years later, our owner began his own journey in the HVAC and refrigeration industry by taking courses on the subject while in his third year serving the U.S. Army. In 1992, he obtained his own license and eventually took over the business.

About Frankum AC & Heating, LLC in Lake Jackson, Texas

Over the years, we have upheld high standards of excellence, and we continue to provide a high level of comfort for residential and commercial clients in the area. We work with the top brands in the industry to provide you with a well-functioning HVAC system that is both effective and energy efficient. In addition, we exceed expectations whether we are providing installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement. We will ensure that we service your system diligently and quickly, so you can avoid future repairs and we can get out of your way as soon as possible. As a result, you will be able to achieve the ideal temperatures and air quality in your home or building with no problems.

We are proud to be a second-generation family-owned business serving the Greater Lake Jackson, Texas area. With our highly capable technicians and commitment to your satisfaction, we provide the exceptional HVAC and refrigeration services you require for your comfort and health. If you have any questions for us, please reach out today.